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Soliday C

With a mere tap of a button, the ray-shaped Soliday C System rolls both in and out along its diagonal middle shaft, making this the simplest operation in our fleet of Motorised Systems. This sophisticated Sun Sail can also be equipped with wind and sun sensors, allowing automatic, self-governing control of the system, providing maximum safety even in your absence. Adjustable to any position imaginable, the Soliday C is the perfect shade solution to help you create a modern & relaxing outdoor living space.

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Soliday CS

The Soliday CS System is a new take on traditional awnings, featuring an extraordinarily large shading area with fully automatic remote-control capabilities to open or close at the click of a button. The Soliday CS is coiled on a horizontal, motor-driven shaft that attaches to the side of an existing wall or structure, and the sail can automatically extend out to 7 meters (25 feet) either horizontally or on an incline. Choose from a triangular shape, with a single mast, or a square with two masts, either providing an innovative and contemporary solution for sun and rain protection.

Square Soliday CS 5


Remote Control

Control your Shade System by remote control from the comfort of your favourite outdoor spot!

Smart Phone

Our latest technology allows you to use your smart phone to control your shade.

Wind Sensor

Relax in knowing that if the wind gusts reach 40km/h your Shade Sail will automatically retract.

Sun Sensor

Leave it to the sun sensor to open/close automatically with the sunrise & sunset.

Wall Switch

Either incorporate operation into your existing home automation kit or choose a stylish wall switch.

Weather Station

Weather station