If you prefer to take it easy, motorised shade sails can be opened or closed with the press of a wall switch or the click of a remote control – or even through your phone.

On top of ease of operation, these models offer sophisticated optional features such as automatic adjustment based on sun and wind sensors.  You can even set it to open automatically when the sun comes out – just sit back and relax in the shade!

  • Soliday C

    The fully automatic Soliday C shade system – developed using new technology for dynamic sail rigging – is one of the most sophisticated sunshades available, yet incredibly easy to control at the push of a button. The ray-shaped sail is rolled in and out automatically by the special Soliday diagonal shaft, which can extend to 11.5 m, allowing continuous shade adjustment ranging from 2 to 85 sq.m.

  • Soliday CS

    The Soliday CS system represents an evolutionary step forward from traditional awnings. Coiled on a horizontal, motor-driven shaft mounted on the side of an existing wall or structure, the sail of the Soliday CS can extend as far out as 7 metres, either horizontally or on an incline, creating an exceptionally large shaded area.

  • Soliday CS Twin

    The Soliday CS Twin is the “big brother” of the SunCraft family – the largest shade sail in our portfolio. It has a maximum sail size of 110m² and is rolled over 2 separate shafts – each side can be individually rolled up or down. This flexibility in size is unique in the market, and also improves the wind resistance of the system.

  • Raff C

    The new, fully automated SOLIDAY RAFF C is a wave shaped sail with a maximum size of 60m². The Soliday RAFF C opens and closes via castors, guided on rails or wire rope, gently pulling the sail into place, and can be stopped at any position along the way to ensure your desired shade coverage is achieved - from 0-60m² in seconds. The enormous sail size creates new possibilities for shading Pergolas, winter gardens, under glass roofs and above all, in the out door area.

Customer Success Stories

We love our shade sails! And the customers love them too. Shade was always our biggest issue, and these sails look so effective and are so practical.

Cloudy Bay Shed, Cromwell

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Whatever you are looking for in a sunshade, SunCraft can match your preferences and help you choose the right solution to turn any outdoor space from an suntrap to a haven. And whatever your choice, SunCraft’s experienced team will make sure it is installed to perfection.

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