The manual option is ideal for those who like to keep things simple, or who are on a tighter budget.

Engineered to extend and retract smoothly even at the largest sizes, our manually retractable shade sails come with auto-release as a standard safety feature. These shades allow fine adjustment of the exposed sail area, while some models also allow height adjustment. Choose a manual shade if you prefer a hands-on approach to life.

  • Soliday M

    The Soliday M is SunCraft’s largest manual roll-up shade sail system. The sail rolls in and out across the diagonal shaft, with an extended span of up to 13 metres. Auto-release safety features and cable stop functions are standard fitments, while height adjustment is an optional extra.

  • Soliday MA

    As the smallest of our manually retractable shade sails, the Soliday MA is perfect for more compact spaces – though it still casts an impressive shadow, with a maximum sail area of 55 sq.m.  The sail is rolled out and back in by means of the stylish diagonal shaft, which can extend to 8 metres and allows continuous shade adjustment from 2 sq.m. to the maximum sail size.

  • Raff M

    The Soliday RAFF M is the perfect addition to your pergola or other outdoor structure. The wave shaped sail covers up to 36m² and is operated by a robust revolving rope.

  • Soliday X

    Soliday X is the new generation of semi-automatic sunsail, featuring an elegant shape with innovative technology and design as well as ease of use. Inspired by the motto "reduce to the max", the Soliday X achieves maximum functionality with a minimum of effort.

  • Soliday XS

    Soliday XS is another variant on the new generation of semi-automatic sun sail, a sister to the Soliday X. It takes the same elegant design, technological innovation and ease of use to create a contemporary update on the traditional awning. With the philosophy of "reduce to the max", the Soliday XS delivers maximum functionality with a minimum of effort.

Customer Success Stories

We love our shade sails! And the customers love them too. Shade was always our biggest issue, and these sails look so effective and are so practical.

Cloudy Bay Shed, Cromwell

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Whatever you are looking for in a sunshade, SunCraft can match your preferences and help you choose the right solution to turn any outdoor space from an suntrap to a haven. And whatever your choice, SunCraft’s experienced team will make sure it is installed to perfection.

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