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Manual Systems

Soliday M

Soliday M is a manual roll-up shade system with a light and airy design and versatile applications of sail shape and size. It’s diagonal shaft is the largest of our manual systems and can extend up to 13 meters (40 feet). Like all Soliday systems, the Soliday M is entirely custom created & fitted for it’s speific location. It is standardly equipped with auto-release safety features, plus optional height adjustment, and cable stop functions. This easy-to-operate shade sail can be rolled up or set up in no time at all, or simply locked into any position or dimension.

Sqaure Suncraft Soliday M LP Media 1256

Soliday A

Soliday MA is a manually retractable sunsail with a smaller footprint, perfect for more compact spaces. The diagonal shaft (max. 8 m) impresses with its stylish design and is fully customisable for your space. Soliday MA is equipped with an auto-release safety package and is also available with optional height adjustment and rope-braking systems.

Square IMG 0160